MeghanMittLOW‘Meghan & Mitt- Watchung Reservation’ 2010 • Oil on wood panel                                    ©Anita Abril 2013


BermudaParadeLOW‘Parade-the Rock (Bermuda)’ 2013 • Oil on black hardbord panel                                                  ©Anita Abril 2013          


PleasantValleyLOW‘Plein Air, a Self-Portrait; Pleasant Valley Park’ 2012 • Oil on wood panel                          ©Anita Abril 2013


MomBermudaLOWThe Boathouse Bermuda’ 2010 • Oil on wood panel                                                    ©Anita Abril 2013


MomNZAlbumLOW‘The NZ Album’ 2012 • Oil on canvas 12″x12″                                                                    ©Anira Abril 2013


cruiseShipLOW‘On a Caribbean Cruise Ship’ 2010 • oil on canvas                                                               ©Anita Abril 2013


537768_445636622172062_214333925_n‘Fishermen’ 2012 • Oil on hardbord panel • as commissioned by Page family                                              ©Anira Abril 2013


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