X-MasTable-AliceLOW‘Alice in Wonderland; A Christmas Table’ 2013 • Oil on black wood panel • 12″x 24″         ©Anita Abril 2013


TudorGateLOW‘The Tudor Gate- N. Carolina’ 2012 • Oil on wood panel                                                         ©Anita Abril 2013


MangoesEcuadorLOW‘Mangoes Roadside, Ecuador’ 2010 • Oil on wood panel                                                   ©Anita Abril 2013


TTSLOW‘On the T.S.S.’ 2010 • Oil on masonite panel                                                              ©Anita Abril 2013


BottlesLOW‘Aladdin’s Lamp: Memories of Turkey’ 2011 • Oil on wood panel                                        ©Anita Abril 2013


CathedralSTPeterLOW‘A Virgin Story; Cathedral St. Peter, Bratislava’ 2011 • Oil on hardbord panel                      ©Anita Abril 2013




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