“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life” ~Jack Kerouac On the Road


RedFenceLOW‘The Queen’s Red Fence, NZ’ • Oil on wood panel                                                                                  ©Anita Abril 2013


BratislavaLOW‘Bratislava- the Motherland’ 2012 • Oil on hardbord panel                                                  ©Anita Abril 2013


AmsterdamLOW‘Outside Amsterdam’ 2011 • Oil on wood panel                                                                   ©Anita Abril 2013    


guayaquilLOW‘Guayaquil- The Old Town’ 2012 • Oil on black canvas                                                       ©Anita Abril 2013


ForestGhostLOW‘Sunday Backyard Forest Ghost’• Oil on wood panel                                                          ©Anita Abril 2013


TurkeyLOW‘Roads to Istanbul; Turkey’ 2009 • Oil on wood panel                                                             ©Anita Abril 2013 


PampasLOW‘Pampas, Ecuador’ 2012 • Oil on black hardbord panel                                                      ©Anita Abril 2013

BoardWalkBlueLOW‘Boardwalk Blue- Auckland’ 2012 • Oil on wood panel                                                                 ©Anita Abtil 2013


LostVillageLOW‘The Lost Village’ 2011 • Oil on canvas                                                                               ©Anita Abril 2013


QueenstownNZLOW‘Ski in Summer, Queenstown NZ’ 2012 • Oil on masonite board                                                 ©Anita Abril 2013



‘In White and Blue: Greece’ 2009 • Oil on wood panel                                                      ©Anita Abril 2013   









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