Work on Display: Paper Mill Playhouse

Paper Mill Playhouse: Selection of Member Artists
Partnering with the Paper Mill Playhouse, the Art Center presents a year-long exhibition series, featuring work by the students of the Art Center’s Studio School faculty. The exhibition is held in the theater’s Renee Foosaner Art Gallery, open one hour prior to performances and during intermission.

Selection of Member Artists
in conjunction with Thoroughly Modern Millie
April 10 – May 5, 2013

Paper Mill Playhouse
22 Brookside Drive, Millburn, NJ 07041
Phone: 973.376.4343

Inquire within for pricing:

fishtankLOWThe Fishbowl” 2011 • Oil on wood panel • 12″x17″                                                            ©Anita Abril 2013


RoostersLOW‘Rooster Run; Meyersville Farm’ diptych 2013 • Oil on wood panels • 12″ x 24″                ©Anita Abril 2013


SaucieLOW‘Saucie, a Family Portrait’ 2013 • Oil on black wood panel • 12″ x 24″                                ©Anita Abril 2013


KermitNoseLOWKermit- A White- Nosed Curiosity’ 2013 • Oil on hardbord panel • 18″x24″                        ©Anita Abril 2013


ParrotLOW‘A National Geographic Parrot’ 1994 • Acrylic on canvas • 12″ x 12″                                  ©Anita Abril 2013


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